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Tantalus Decanter Set: Holder, Two Decanters, Two Caps, Lock, Key

Catalogue Description:
"Tantalus" decanter set; chromed brass, colorless and frosted glass. T-shaped, chromed brass holder (a) with 2 cylindrical frosted glass decanters (b, c) each with opposing 1/2 in. vertical, colorless glass strips and small cylindrical metal caps (d, e). Pierced, disk-shaped lock (f) attached to holder by metallic ball chain. Holder has circular double-coaster base attached to central squared vertical bar which rises to a flat, oblong, center-pierced movable plate which fits atop decanter caps and continues to a fixed, flat oblong metal handle. Retains original key (g). CONDITION: Overall condition is fair. Chrome plating is severely worn on top handle, decanter lids and top edge of decanter supports. Glass decanters and holder need cleaning.

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