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Teapot, Part of Three-Piece Set

Catalogue Description:
Silver teapot. Ovoid body sits on stepped oval pedestal base with die-rolled band of a guilloche of leaves surrounding flowers at bottom of foot. Body is lobed in lower section and has a die-rolled band of scrolls and flowers at shoulder; above this, body steps back to rim of a die-rolled band matching foot band. Monogram of "DJW" on front. Hinged, stepped, high-domed lid terminates in slightly domed oval finial ornamented with scrolls surrounding blossom on stem. S-shaped spout terminates in griffin head. Double-scrolled handle with scrolled thumb grip has wooden insulators. CONDITION: Dents to two lobes left of monogram; shallow dents to three central lobes on reverse side. Dent to upper dome of lid at 11:00 and 2:00. Handle loose. Foot slightly crushed at pedestal on side opposite monogram.

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