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Silvertone Turbine Radio, Model 6110

Catalogue Description:
Electric radio. Body is plastic with cream-colored coating, in form of rectangular box with squared, horizontal ribbing around all sides and rounded corners; continuous cylindrical form set within rectangle such that top of body is barrel-shaped; cylinder projects past proper left side of box. Square cutout vent behind ribs on long front end covered with fabric for speaker. Large convex tuning dial for setting radio station attached to proper left end of cylinder, printed with lines and station numbers in gold (from 55 to 170); behind tuning dial is small, disk knob at bottom for volume control. On rounded top of radio body near tuning dial end, six recessed buttons for pre-set stations; buttons have paper labels reading (from top to bottom, left to right): [worn out], KPO, KROY, KFRC, KFO, KFBK. Electric cord and wire antenna project out from lower proper right corner at back. Body raised on three rubber disk feet. CONDITION: Good; shows wear with loss to labeling; dirty; two rubber feet lost, remaining one is corroded.

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