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Clock, Model 6332

Catalogue Description:
Small, electric clock made of a round wooden casing that frames silver-colored metal face with black accents behind a convex glass cover. Front edge of casing wraps around front of clock to frame face and is slightly concave; bottom of casing is sanded flat for support and notched to fit a narrow rectangular base of black-painted wood. Bottom of base covered first with green felt and another (later) layer of rust-colored felt. Clock face marked with twelve short black rectangular hatches for the hours (no numerals). Three hands, from back to front: hour and minute hand are black rectangles (same width, minute hand slightly longer) that terminate in a circle at center; second hand is a thin red strip that extends past the center and terminates in a tear drop shape. At back of clock, metal plate is screwed onto wooden casing; one dial and the electrical cord protrude from plate. CONDITION: Fair; some scratches all over wooden case; light scratch on convex glass cover.

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