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Creamer, "Village"

Catalogue Description:
"Village" design, rectangular earthenware creamer in shape of a building, white body with vitreous glaze and transfer-printed architectural decorations. Rectangular body rises to top edge that angles out into a wide, cornice-like form; one short side of this cornice is pulled out into a triangular spout; handle is round disk attached on opposite side of creamer along underside of cornice. Two horizontal light blue bands run around body, narrower lower one and wider upper band that breaks at both handle and spout. Front and back sides have identical architectural decorations: black arched door centered along bottom edge and is flanked by two small square black windows framed in golden yellow. Centered in the upper horizontal band directly above the door is a kind of modern Gothic-style window consisting of golden yellow arched window punctuated by two smaller arched black windows and a circular black window. A light blue keystone-shaped piece runs from top of door to bottom of "Gothic" window. Outer edge of cornice decorated with narrow black band superimposed on wider light blue band. CONDITION: Good; small losses to light blue pigment in upper horizontal band of decoration.

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