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Sugar Bowl and Lid, "Village"

Catalogue Description:
"Village" design; square vitreous-glazed earthenware sugar bowl (a) and lid (b) molded in shape of house. (a) Sugar bowl has white body in a roughly cubic form with semicircular notch cut out of front top edge (for spoon). Decorated with transfer-printed architectural designs of: on front side, large square black four-paned window with golden yellow frame and mullions next to a green rectangular door with golden yellow frame and round white (unpainted) doorknob; back side has single window, centered and identical to front window. (b) Fitted lid is in shape of pitched roof of planks with a short, rectangular chimney; white body painted golden yellow on roof; when lid set onto sugar bowl, roof creates hanging eaves along sides of "house." In triangular pediment on front side, bottom edge has a semicircular cut out which matches notch in sugar bowl to form circle. CONDITION: Good; spot of chipped glaze on roof below chimney.

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