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Bar Set: Corkscrew, Bottle Opener, Cocktail Shaker, with Base

Catalogue Description:
Bar set consisting of (a) corkscrew, (b) bottle opener, and (c) cocktail shaker that fit into (d) base; stainless steel and black plastic. (a) Corkscrew: stainless steel cylindrical body that tapers at base; foil cutter within notch on side; capped by football-shaped black handle; body encases spiral metal corkscrew. (b) Bottle Opener: stainless steel metal opener encased in elongated cylindrical plastic handle that tapers at base. (c) Cocktail Shaker: general cylindrical shaped body with flat base; tapers toward opening; bullet shaped top has tubular spout with attached black plastic stopper attached by chain. Nested between the shaker body and top are: black plastic reamer and a hemispherical stainless steel catch cup with extended handles capped with black plastic elongated egg-shaped handles; these handles snap into edge of shaker. (d) Base is a stainless steel sheet; hollow form with rectangular bottom and arching top, cut outs in top to accommodate the bar tools; base raised on rounded black plastic feet. Condition: Excellent

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