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CD Player, "Model MG9218/17"

Catalogue Description:
CD player and accessories. (a) CD player: molded plastic, thin, flat, truncated ovoid shape, hinged lid at top. Upper third of lid is black, balance is dark gray. Oval display window and programming buttons (slate blue, yellow, silver, dark gray) set into black section. Base is black and dark gray, with ovoid belt clip of yellow plastic. Silver plastic release button at front edge and control knobs along side. At top of player, slate blue ovoid handle with lengthwise black stripe and black nylon hand-holder strap. (b) Egg pouch: slate blue soft plastic egg-shaped pouch with slit down center for holding ear piece; ring of twisted metal attached through top of pouch. (c) Ear piece: black plastic wrapped cord with thin metal electrical plug at one end; cord forks into two branches that terminate in silver plastic ear phones. (d) Adapter plug. Black AC adapter with two pronged wall plug, long cord and thin plug for connection to the CD player. CONDITION: Excellent.

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