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Catalogue Description:
Pewter oil lamp. Round disk base with stepped edge is sunken on top; tall narrow cylindrical shaft rises from center of base, decorated with incised lines; bracket-shaped handle soldered to shaft above midpoint. Shaft supports small bowl-like oil well with sides that flare slightly toward shoulder, then taper in around collar and rise to round mouth; hinge on side of mouth for now-lost lid. On side of well opposite hinge (and handle of shaft), a large feed tube projects from bottom edge of well then curves upward as it tapers; saucer-shaped collar around opening (for flame). CONDITION: Fair; badly tarnished and dirty; base is bent and misshapen, causing shaft to lean to one side; crack in top of handle; underside of base shows whitish corrosion; join of shaft and well shows modern soldering; dents and scratches in reservoir; collar around feed tube bent; lid missing.

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