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Catalogue Description:
Pewter oil lamp with swinging reservoir, can be hung or set upon table. Pedestal consists of round base that rises in steps to narrow, flat-topped dome; upright ring handle (finger hold) attached to top of base on one side and a small hinged ring (for hanging) attached to edge of base opposite side. Two-pronged bracket rises from top of pedestal; cylindrical reservoir suspended between these brackets with pins that extend from banded "shoulder" of reservoir; reservoir pivots on these pins. Reservoir has domed top and raised neck with round, threaded opening. Flat round metal stopper screws into neck; two narrow tubes (feeds to oil) project from stopper at angle; feeds taper upward to small opening. Suspended by metal chain from stopper are two cone-shaped caps with flared opening; caps fit over feeds to snuff out flame. On 12/3/03, two lengths of wick (of thick, multi-stranded string) found inside reservoir, appear unused. CONDITION: Fair; all-over tarnish, light scratches, and dings; dark spots of discoloration, especially around base of pedestal; top of one of the feed tube caps is corroded away (there is a hole).

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