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Sarcophagus Lid of Pa-di-Djehuti

Catalogue Description:
Limestone sarcophagus lid of a man with wig and false beard. There are three vertical registers of hieroglyphs running down the front of the piece. The translation of these is as follows: “Royal scribe, accountant of all things, scribe of Anubis of Hiffonon. Thatpe-her (?) son of the royal scribe of the books of the temple of Hiffonon Pedi-Anubis, born of a priestess of Uazit of Hiffonon Set-ari-ban”. This lid and 34.1222, apparently belonged to members of the same family. The piece is late probably of Ptolemaic times. Inscribed for Ss-nsw.t, hsb ht nb, ss n Inpw nb Hr-dj (Hardai)…..(name illegible), s; n ss nsw.t, ss md;.t n h.t-ntr n Hr-dj, P;dj-inpw m;’hrw; ms…..W;d.t.t, nb.t Hr-dj; St;-ir.t-bjn.t Condition: the lid is assembled from two fragments joined at about the knees. A considerable portion of the left side is missing. The entire surface is marred and there are numerous chips.

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