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The Basin is a superb example of the white wares with transparent ivory white or straw-colored glazes produced at the Ding ware kilns in north China from the tenth to the early thirteenth centuries. Earlier examples are characterized by the graceful, freehand flower motifs that decorate them, and the best Ding wares were greatly favored as imperial ceramics in the Northern Song (960–1127). Decorated with lotus flowers both inside and out, the Basin is one of a very small number of large-scale Ding ware bowls. Fired mouth-down in the kiln, it is finished with a metal band over the unglazed rim.

Catalogue Description:
Bowl: lipped mouth that flares slightly; deep belly that contracts down; shallow splayed foot. Billowing waves patterns on bottom of interior. Incised decoration of 4 interlocking blossoms of peony flowers on interior wall. 2 groups of interlocking lotus flowers on exterior wall. Clear glaze covers the vessel's interior and exterior. Rim and circular foot are unglazed. Glaze is a lime glaze with less than 1% iron. Fired within an oxidizing atmosphere, the glaze is a white glaze with a yellow tone. Daily used ware. Condition: Intact.

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