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Tomb Relief Fragment

The themes of a woman pulling a thorn from another's foot and a woman, with a baby, stacking fruit are rather rare in Egyptian art. It is probable, therefore, that the unusual small details found in the fourteenth-century-B.C. Theban tomb painting (from the tomb of a man named Menena) illustrated here were the inspiration for this seventh¬century-B.C. relief. In copying these details, the artist has made them major scenes and rendered them far more elegantly.

Catalogue Description:
Fragment of limestone tomb relief preserving portions of two registers from agricultural scene. Upper register, two girls seated opposite each other, one extracting thorn from foot of other. Lower register, between two trees - a woman seated on stool holding a child in sling; before her a stand with bowl of fruit which she touches with right hand. At upper left - portion of a storage jar (?). Fine quality. Companion piece of 49.17 and 49.18. Condition: Edges fragile and only faint traces of color remain.

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