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Stela of Intef and Senettekh

Egyptian children sought to secure their parents' immortality by guaranteeing that their names and lineage were remembered after they died. An official named Intef commissioned this stela with the images and names of his father, also Intef, and his mother, Senettekh. The son included two details to place his parents: an image of their pet dog seated beneath the bench and one of their "beloved servant" standing before them.

Catalogue Description:
Limestone stela of Intef, son of Senbet and his wife Senet-Tek, erected by their son Intef. The steward Imy stands opposite. Intef and his wife seated at left before table of offerings; a dog seated under the woman. Imy stands at right with long staff grasped in right hand. At top, three lines of offering formula. Names incised over each person. Raised relief. Condition: Edges chipped. Surface slightly worn in area of offerings. No trace of color.

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