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Statuette of a Soldier

The stylistic elements of this figure—soft body, round face, and large eyes—were inspired by similar sculptures of Amunhotep III. The unusual iconography suggests that the subject was a military man: only soldiers wore this type of kilt. The style of the wig—introduced into Egypt by Nubian mercenaries earlier in the Eighteenth Dynasty—eventually became a favored hairstyle of Amunhotep's daughter-in-law, Queen Nefertiti.

Catalogue Description:
Man wearing the 'Nubian' hairstyle later adopted by Nefertiti and her family. Military kilt loosely knotted in front with pointed frontal flap. His hair and kilt identify him as a military officer. Left hand fisted and drilled to hold object; right hand open and held at right angle to body. Slightly swelling abdomen. Left leg preserved to ankle; right leg cut off at knee and surface trimmed. Remains of black paint on wig. Base missing.

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