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Relief of Antelopes

The scene to which this block once belonged probably showed a desert hunting party. The hunters, Akhenaten and his entourage, would have appeared in chariots bearing down on their helpless prey. Their approach has not gone unnoticed: the ears of the two bubalis antelopes perk up at the sound of danger. The back of a third antelope may be seen in the lower right corner. Such isolated blocks provide a hint of the complex decorative schemes that once existed in the palace at el Amarna.

Catalogue Description:
Limestone relief. In sunk relief, three antelopes running to the right. Of the first figure, only the upper body preserved. Background plain. All figures painted a pale red-brown. Condition: Edges extensively chipped. Top of head of right antelope chipped. Ancient paint is preserved in the dark areas of forehead and ears of the first antelope and also on spots on neck and several spots scattered on both bodies.

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