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Head of Vishnu

This head has been identified as a Cambodian sculpture of early date by the fragment of a supporting tenon for a halo still attached at the back. The conical headdress is worn by images of Vishnu and the female divinity Durga.

Catalogue Description:
Head of a crowned deity, probably Vishnu. Round face with full cheeks; narrow, almond-shaped eyes (open to delineated pupils); arched eyebrows joined at the bridge of the nose; aquiline nose; full lips, upturned at edges suggesting a smile; cylindrical headdress covering hair. Head is broken off below neck; part of right shoulder remains. Section of nimbus (?) remains at viewer's left. Scratch above right brow. Piece arrived with its own lucite base. Condition: sandstone has reddish tan discoloration. Stained and slightly worn throughout. Wear apparent at outer edge of brows, left eye, nose, edge of lips. Chip to top of nose and under nose. Upper edge of right ear chipped. Two deep crevices on top left of headdress and nimbus. Small scratch on left cheek.

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