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Garudasana Vishnu

Vishnu, the Preserver, is mounted on his vahana, or vehicle, the mythical bird Garuda.

Catalogue Description:
Vishnu, four-armed, stands on the shoulders of the winged Garuda, who is in a stance of walking with one leg forward. Vishnu holds his usual attributes, including the chakra (wheel) in his uplifted right hand, a shanka (conch) in his uplifted left hand, and a gada (mace) in the lower left hand. The lower right hand expresses varada mudra, the gift-bestowing gesture. Garuda's arms are raised and his tail feathers curve upward and are attached to his back with a looped rod. The wing feathers are clearly modeled whereas those on his haunches are incised. The bronze clearly shows traces of gilding which was a common decorative technique in Cambodian bronze images. (lost wax casting, mercury gilding) Condition: Intact. Excellent malachite green patination and traces of gold. The object was brought to the Lab since the previously repaired join failed at the Photographer. Please see Treatment Report, 4/17/03.

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