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Female Head

This fragment of a female head was probably part of a family statuette consisting of husband and wife and possibly also offspring. The meticulously detailed braids and the fillet around the head characterize a woman's hairstyle popular in sculpture of late Dynasty XVIII and Dynasty XIX. So, too, the prominent nose, the small, tight smile, and the downward-slanting, wide, ovular eyes support this date. Many of the same features are found on the ivory kohl container in this case.

Catalogue Description:
Limestone head of a woman, probably from a group statue showing husband and wife. The wig is in the tripartite style, bound by an unadorned forehead band, worn in the manner of a diadem. The hair is centrally parted, then plaited into many parallel braids. The strands of hair framing the face are not braided, but extremely curly, as though having been crimped. The face is nearly round; the cheeks quite full. The back of the object is flat, as though having earlier been part of a solid background stone. Condition: A few chips on forehead. Right side of nose and chin badly chipped; otherwise, face is generally intact. The proper left side of wig is largely missing below eye-level.

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