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Fragmentary Statuette of a Man

In Dynasty 18, artisans frequently made shawabtis (funerary figures) out of faience, a glasslike material. Other types of individual faience statuettes, such as this example, are extremely rare. The short, thick wig depicted on this figure was favored by Egyptian men in mid-Dynasty 18. The deep blue glaze, imitating an imported semiprecious stone called lapis lazuli, might have been used to indicate that the subject was a foreigner.

Catalogue Description:
Upper part of a figure of a man in deep blue faience, perhaps imitating lapis lazuli. May have been modeled by hand, with details added before firing with a pointed tool. The figure stood with his arms at his sides. He wore a kilt (top preserved) as well as a broad collar necklace. A back pillar extending about 3/4 of the way up the back of his head; its corners are slightly rounded.

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