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Ostrakon with Demotic Inscription

Demotic script first appeared about 700 B.C. It is more cursive than hieratic, and many demotic signs do not correspond exactly with the hieroglyphs used to write the same word. The large number of surviving demotic documents, many of which are not the work of professional scribes, suggests that literacy in Egypt had become more widespread by the time this script appeared.

This ostrakon (inscribed stone or pottery fragment) records a prayer to the god Amun to restore a blind man's sight. It concludes with the words: "Return to me, my great Lord, Amun. I am defenseless; let me not perish; do not forget me."

Catalogue Description:
Trapezoidal-shaped limestone ostracon inscribed on one side with 22 lines of Demotic script in black ink. Condition: Chips out of left edge.

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