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Writing Case, Box and Lid

Catalogue Description:
Writing box and lid (suzuribako) with crane and pine bough design. Rectangular in shape with flattened corners; contains 4 empty interior sections for writing implements, surrounding a central rectangular section containing a worn ink stone; also contained inside is a paulownia leaf-shaped water dropper (possibly pewter) set into a raised and outlined area in the center of one of the four sections. Both box and cover are painted with black lacquer and covered with fine gold flecks; the top of the cover shows two silver and gold cranes standing to the right in a group of 8 upright pine bough tips while a third crane hovers overhead. Inside the cover on a gold ground is a suggested landscape, showing a stream and tiny maple leaves, a scholar on horseback followed by two servants carrying a garment and boxes. All are painted in several colors and black.

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