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Incense Burner with Silver Cover

The unusual texture and rich color of this vessel are unique in contemporary Japanese ceramics. Kondo has applied a cobalt glaze over a white porcelain body and then used an amalgam of silver, gold, and platinum to achieve the beaded surface effects. The artist belongs to a third-generation porcelain producing family in Kyoto. His grandfathers Kondo Yuzo (1902–1985) received Japan's highest title, National Living Treasure.

Catalogue Description:
Rectangular molded porcelain vessel on four raised feet with random squares impressed design. Interior fired black slip. Exterior covered with cobalt blue glaze and overall meandering pattern of raised silver glazed dots. Silver reticulated lid. Object arrived with its own wood box, inscribed on interior lid by the artist. Yellow cotton cloth wrapper for box interior. Condition: Excellent, intact

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