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Fragmentary Relief of a King

The individual represented here wears a wig with stylized, echeloned curls and a diadem with streamers. That he is a king is indicated by the cobra coiled around the diadem and rearing up at his brow.

Although once catalogued as a work of the fifteenth century B.C., the relief was subsequently realized to be a work of Dynasty XXVI, which also produced very elegant and highly finished sculptures both in the round and in relief.

Catalogue Description:
Relief fragment in fine-grained black-brown granite. In sunk relief, head of king (or queen) facing right, preserved from top of head to just under the eye. Elaborate headdress with diadem under uraeus. Sculptured portions unpolished. Undecorated surface highly polished. Condition: Preserved portion in good condition. No inscription. Use of object not clear. Width seems preserved intact suggesting an inlay (?). Possibly a model but use of granite makes this unlikely. Headdress probably archaistic after late XVIIIth dynasty style. Excellent workmanship.

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