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Catalogue Description:
The isolated figure of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, suggests that this page is intended as a frontispiece for a narrative manuscript. Ganesha would be invoked on ritual occasions in order to insure their auspicious completion. Here, the god is seated on a lotus pedestal at the center of a marble terrace with trees to either side and a hill beyond. The figure of Ganesha is painted orange shaded with red-brown. He is seated in padmasana and wears a white dhoti, a seven-pointed jeweled crown, a pair of long necklaces, armlets and bracelets. Ganesha has the crescent moon and third eye of Shiva, and three of his four hands hold attributes: the goad, the axe, a ball of sweets; the fourth hand is shown in the gesture of granting gifts (varada-mudra). The terrace is white and enclosed by a pierced railing on three sides. A narrow dark blue border surrounded by a flecked pink border complete the design. Goswamy has attributed this painting to the Guler artist Nainsukh. Neither the artist nor the subject of the series of this isolated painting has been conclusively identified. From Accession Card: Medium sized miniature painting, in colors on sized rag paper, showing Ganesa, the elephant -headed god, seated on a lotus pedestal (padma-pitha) on a terrace, with trees to either side and a hill behind. The page is an opening page, invoction to Ganesa. He is colored red, and is seated with legs crossed in padmasana. He wears a white dhoti, a gold and ruby crown (kirita mukuta) with seven points, a long necklace (mala), and bracelets (kankana). Three of his four hands hold attributes. In the raised left hand is the goad (ankusa), in the raised left is the axe (tanka), the outstretched left holds a yellow ball, and the outstretched right is empty, with the palm turned outward and the fingers pendant. The terrace is white and enclosed by a railing on three sides. The hill behind, high and curved at the top, is a yellow green, and filled with small uneven darker horizontal lines. The sky is pale blue to white. The lotus pedestal is purplish pink. The painting has a narrow dark blue border and a pink border flecked with deeper pink marks. It may have been painted by the artist Nainsunkh from Guler (Goswamy). Condition: Hinges removed and corners reinforced on 1/26/94, see Record of Restoration.

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