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Don José Ygnacio de Cervantes de Ozta y de Velasco

Catalogue Description:
Don Jose Ygnacio de Cervantes Ozta (1815-1838). An oil painting by an unknown artist shows him in three-quarter length view facing to the left of the picture. He has brown hair and a mustache. He is dressed in a green uniform with silver braid front and epaulets, a red sash and red pants. He holds a gold headed cane in his right hand while the lower part of his left arm and hand are not visible. He served as a Colonel in the Mexican Army. He died as a young man, unmarried, and it is said that he died while playing "coleadero" a sport similar to the rodeo of the North American cowboy. Condition: Fairly good, though some scratches can be seen in his hair, and at the bottom and left side of the picture.

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