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Figure of a Seated Musician (Koro Player)

This figure is depicted playing a kora, a harplike instrument found in many parts of West Africa. The instrument, held between the performer's knees, has a hollow soundbox and a long, thin neck (the neck on this kora is broken). Among the Dogon and many other groups in West Africa, professional kora players perform at weddings, funerals, and other important events, where they sing praises and recount family histories. This figure was probably placed in a shrine symbolically, to praise and tell the histories of a family's deceased ancestors.

Catalogue Description:
Seated male figure holding a koro (rectangular shaped instrument) with extensions on top and bottom. Figure has a long cylindrical torso and neck; wears a necklace with two suspended bells. Distinct arrow-form nose, segmented coiffure, beard.

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