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Dance Headdress (Ci-wara Kun)

Catalogue Description:
Female: antelope headdress with long slender neck and carrying a fawn on her back. Ears are in shape of round disks with white metal rings inserted in each ear. Thin metal band with zigzag edge decorates her forehead and there is a small white metal disk inserted in proper left eye. Notched circular pattern decorates snout. Tall, thin vertical horns have incised decorative grooves. Edges of ears have decorative notched pattern. On top of female's back is the fawn. It has vertical horns that are bifurcated - bent at right angle - and with incised grooves. The ears are notched at edge and there are incised bands on forehead. It has a small sweeping mane with "V" shaped configurations on outer curve. Tail is pointed. Condition: excellent. Small area of pitting on proper left side of neck. Fawns snout tip worn, and small section of mane missing near torso. Right inlaid eye missing.

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