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Sketch of a Spanish Man

Catalogue Description:
61.36.1 (mounted on inside front cover): full-length figure of bearded man in profile, wearing red cap. For 61.36.MN (61.36.1 - .18 watercolor sketches mounted to pages of scrap book, beginning with inside front cover): scrap book with pages bound between cardboard covers decorated with marbleized paper and leather bindings. Label affixed on book cover reads: "SCRAP BOOK / Original drawing by / Edward Penfield for / 'Spanish Sketches' / --Scribner 1911--". Inside the album and following the watercolors are many blank / unused pages; interspersed in remaining pages of scrap book, 7 photographic reproductions mounted to pages, including: reproduction of painting (signed "S W[...?]y") of courtyard scene of young woman with donkey talking to 2 men, several images of men hunting and fishing, including 2 printed with publisher "Hudson & Kearns" (one page inscribed "Shooting + fishing"), photograph of Russian peasant cart with caption "A Peasant's Cart in South Russia / Courtesy of Philadelphia Commercial Mu[?]", and theatrical scene (loose/unmounted, leaved with Russian scene).

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