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Catalogue Description:
Pewter flagon with hinged lid. Body is raised on round foot rim; bulges into squat sphere in lower belly, then tapers to long, narrow cylinder neck, then flares out at top into pie slice-shaped opening with the point forming the spout. Two incised lines around top edge and one around spherical belly; molded band around center of cylindrical neck. Conforming lid is a flat piece of pewter, point extends slightly past and is curved over spout. A shield filled with stars is impressed onto this part of the lid. Attached strap handle follows serpentine line from tope edge to belly. Raised hinge on top of handle, joined to lid with thumb piece with double beads on each side. CONDITION: Fair; several large dents in belly and around neck; allover scratches and pitting; few pin sized holes in lower part of belly; rust colored corrosion at lower handle loin; interior surfaces covered with whitish corrosion.

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