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    Showing images 1 - 60 of 167Next

    71.151.1_cover_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page001_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page109_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page002_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page012_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page018_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page020_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page091_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page124_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page038_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page047_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page075_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page076_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page085_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page003_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page004_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page005_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page006_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page007_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page008_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page009_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page010_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page011_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page012_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page013_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page014_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page015_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page016_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page017_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page018_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page019_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page020_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page021_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page022_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page023_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page024_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page025_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page026_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page027_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page028_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page029_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page029_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page030_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page031_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page031_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page032_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page033_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page033_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page034_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page035_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page035_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page036_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page036_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page037_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page038_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page039_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page040_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page040_SL1.jpg 71.151.1_page041_PS1.jpg 71.151.1_page041_SL1.jpg

    Wallpaper Sample Book

    • Maker: William Morris and Company
    • Medium: Printed paper
    • Place Made: London, England
    • Dates: before 1917
    • Dimensions: 21 1/2 x 14 1/2 in. (54.6 x 36.8 cm)  (show scale)
    • Markings: no marks
    • Signature: no signature
    • Inscriptions: Inscribed in black, block letters: "Morris & Co. Ltd./17, George St./Hanover Square/London, W.1./(Late of 449, Oxford St.W.)/Wall Papers/These patterns must not be cut. Quote name and number with order/Larger patterns can be had on application."
    • Collections:Decorative Arts
    • Museum Location: This item is not on view
    • Accession Number: 71.151.1
    • Credit Line: Purchased with funds given by Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Selden and Designated Purchase Fund
    • Rights Statement: No known copyright restrictions
    • Caption: William Morris and Company. Wallpaper Sample Book, before 1917. Printed paper, 21 1/2 x 14 1/2 in. (54.6 x 36.8 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Purchased with funds given by Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Selden and Designated Purchase Fund, 71.151.1
    • Image: page, page 40: Daisy, pattern #1, 71.151.1_page040_SL1.jpg. Brooklyn Museum photograph
    • Catalogue Description: Wallpaper sample book, printed paper. Each sample illustrating different colors of different floral and foliate wallpaper designs by William Morris with pattern name and number on back. Bound in green canvas on cardboard with inscription in black block letters. CONDITION - Binding worn; some old tears on paper. Pattern Names and Colors by Page: Page 1: "Borage Ceiling 252" -- yellow on white Page 2: "Borage Ceiling 254" -- blue on white Page 3: "Borage Ceiling 253" -- pink on white Page 4: "Borage Ceiling 255" -- green on white Page 5: "Borage Ceiling 479" -- shiny white on white Page 6: "Ceiling 292" -- yellow on white Page 7: "Ceiling 151" -- pink on white Page 8: "Ceiling 136" -- green on white Page 9: "Ceiling 101" -- white on gold Page 10: "St James Ceiling 293" -- yellow on white Page 11: "St James Ceiling 295" -- green on white Page 12: "Net Ceiling 324" -- green, blues on white Page 13: "Ceiling 155" -- greens, blue, gold, pink on white Page 14: "Willow Boughs 210" -- greens & brown on white Page 15: "Meadow Sweet 393" -- green blue, brown on white Page 16: "Willow Boughs 229" -- greens, brown on blue Page 17: "Meadow Sweet 394" -- greens Page 18: "Willow Boughs 230" -- greens, brown on aqua Page 19: "Meadow Sweet 392" -- green, brown, yellow on green Page 20: "Willow Boughs 418" -- yellow on white Page 21: "Blackberry 389" -- green, tan, pinks on white Page 22: "Willow 70" -- grey-greens Page 23: "Blackberry 397" -- greens Page 24: "Willow 379" -- greens on white Page 25: "Blackberry 388" -- green, tan, pink & white Page 26: "Willow 417" -- Yellow on white Page 27: Rambler 455" -- green, pink, tan on white Page 28: "Willow 484" -- white & green on shiny beige Page 29: "Hyacinth 480" -- greens, white, blue, rose, yellow on pink Page 30: “Willow 483" -- white on shiny white Page 31: "Brocade 475" -- greens, brown, reds, blues, cream, on tan Page 32: "Willow 49" -- blues, greens on blue Page 33: "Leicester 481" -- greens, pinks, blue, yellow, white on blue Page 34: "Sweet Briar 482" -- greens, pink, brown on white Page 35: "Sweetpea 457" -- green, pink, lavender, blue on white Page 36: "Sweetpea 458" -- green, pink, white, yellow on green Page 37: "Celadine 329" -- greens, pink, blue, yellow on white Page 38: "Daisy 2" -- green, pink, tan on white Page 39: "Daisy 3" -- green, pink, yellow, blue on green Page 40: "Daisy 1" -- khaki, grey, red, yellow Page 41: "Larkspur 439" -- greens, pink, blue, yellow on white Page 42: "Larkspur 438" -- greens, pink, lavender on white Page 43: "Larkspur 46" -- greens, pink, blue, grey on white Page 44: "Lily 367" -- greens, blue, pink, gold on white Page 45: "Lily 43" -- greens blue, pink on blue-green Page 46: "Bower 454" -- greens, pink, yellow, blue on white Page 47: "Bower 200" -- green, grey, pink, white, blue on blue Page 48: "Clover 382" -- green, white, blue, brown, pink on gold Page 49: "Clover 383" -- green, brown, pink, tan on blue Page 50: "Iris 224" -- greens, blue, pink on white Page 51: "Iris 228" -- greens, blue, pink, tan on green Page 52: "Iris 303" -- green, blue, pink, tan on blue Page 53: "Woodland Weeds 312" -- greens, pink, blue, tan on white Page 54: "Flora 290" -- yellow, blue, pink, green on white Page 55: "Folra (sic) 313" -- blues, greens, pink, tan on blue Page 56: "Blossom 167" -- greens, browns, pink, gold, white on blue Page 57: "Honeysuckle 263" -- greens, tan, pink on white Page 58: "Honeysuckle 261" -- green, tan, yellow on green Page 59: "Honeysuckle 147" -- greens, brown, tan on green Page 60: “Fruit 351" -- greens, tan, pink, gold on white Page 61: "Fruit 5" -- blue-green, tan, pink on cream Page 62: "Pomegranate & Bird 509" -- brown, green, blue, tan, pink on lt. tan Page 63: "Arbutus 493" -- greens, brown, red, blue on lt. tan Page 64: "Fruit 499" -- greens, brown, reds on black Page 65: "Fruit 403" -- greens, browns red, blue on blue Page 66: "Fruit 21" -- greens, tan, gold, red on white Page 67: "Fruit 4" -- tan, gold, pink, green on brown Page 68: "Fruit 6" -- blue, green, tan, pink on blue Page 69: "Trellis 390" -- green, blue, gold, tan on white Page 70: "Trellis 391" -- green, pink, blue, tan on white Page 71: "Trellis 157" -- green, blue, pink, grey on cream Page 72: "Foliage 361" -- greens on tan Page 73: "Foliage 354" -- greens Page 74: “Persian 395" -- greens, blue, pink on white Page 75: "Persian 396" -- greens, pink, yellow on white Page 76: "Garden 357" -- greens, gold, blue, pink on white Page 77: "Myrtle 358" -- greens, golds, blue, pink on white Page 78: "Granville 325" -- greens, blues, pink, tan on white Page 79: "Granville 326" -- greens, blue, brown on green Page 80: Single Stem 310" -- greens, blues, tan, yellow on white Page 81: "Daffodil 386" -- greens, gold, pink, blue, brown on white Page 82: "Daffodil 387" -- greens, gold, pink, brown on glue Page 83: "Orchard 362" -- green, blue, browns, red on white Page 84: "Orchard 365" -- greens, blue, brown, gold, red on green Page 85: "Orchard 364" -- green, brown, blue, red on dark blue Page 86: "Seaweed 377" -- green, blue, yellow on dark blue Page 87: "Garden Tulip 451" -- tan, gold on cream Page 88: "Garden Tulip 190" -- pink, green, brown on cream Page 89: "Garden Tulip 191" - greens & white on green Page 90: "Garden Tulip 192" - pink, green, white on blue-green Page 91: "Vine 472" -- green, purple, blue on blue Page 92: "Leicester 389" -- greens, pinks, yellow, blue on white Page 93: "Chrysanthemum 92" -- pink, blue, yellow, gold on brown Page 94: "Chrysanthemum 118" -- greens Page 95: "Wild Tulip 164" -- white, green, brown on gold Page 96: "Wild Tulip 158" -- white, green, brown on blue Page 97: "Wild Tulip 166" -- white, gold, green on green Page 98: "Wild Tulip 162" -- white, brown, orange on coral Page 99: "Double Boughs 286" -- sparkling white, pink, green, tan on gold Page 100: "Double Boughs 282" -- white, greens, pink, yellow, gold on tan Page 101: "Double Boughs 283" -- white, green, blue, tan on pink Page 102: "Double Boughs 305" -- white, pink, gold, green on lt. blue Page 103: "Double Boughs 376" -- pink, green, metallic gold on grey Page 105: "Autumn Flower 334" -- greens on lt. blue Page 106: "Autumn Flower 247" -- lt. blue, green, pin, on blue Page 107: "Autumn Flower 248" -- green, gold, blue, pink on olive Page 108: "Autumn Flower 450" -- green, blue, red, gold on tan Page 109: "Vine 366" -- greens, tans, blue on wine Page 110: "Artichoke 359" -- greens, pink, blue, on gold & yellow Page 111: "Lily & Pomegranate 199" -- tans, gold, green, blue on cream Page 112: "Lily & Pomegranate 202" -- green, blue, golds on blue Page 113: "Pink & Rose 308" -- tan, yellow, green, blue, pink, gold on white Page 114: "Pink & Rose 445" -- yellow, blue, green, pink on tan Page 115: "Fragment" Page 116: "Scroll & Flower 207" -- greens Page 117: "Jasmine 31" -- greens, brown on green Page 118: "Jasmine 35" -- greens on blue Page 119: "Pimpernel 86" -- greens, blue, gold on green Page 120: "Pimpernel 85" -- greens, blue, gold on dark green Page 121: "Pimpernel 82" -- greens, blue, purple on brown Page 122" "Harebell 474" -- green gold, blue on white Page 123: "Harebell 476" -- green, blue, gold on white Page 124: "Harebell 478" -- pink, blue, green on blue Page 125: "Blackthorn 302" -- green, blue, brown, white, pink on green Page 126: "Compton 321" -- green, pink, white, blue on green Page 127: "Compton 323" -- green, pink, blue, yellow on blue Page 128: "Spring Thicket 316" -- gold, greens, brown on cream Page 129: "Spring Thicket 315" -- golds, green, brown on pink Page 130: "Spring Thicket 311" -- greens, tan, brown, blue, white on blue Page 131: "Acanthus 327" -- browns Page 132: "Acanthus 420" -- blues Page 133: "St. James 142" -- grey, pink, green, buff, metallic gold on wine
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