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On View: Double Pegasus, one of four, from the Coney Island High Pressure Pumping Station, 2301 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn

These sleek modernist versions of Pegasus, the flying horse of classical mythology, once flanked the entrances to the New York City Fire Ser...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Stamp Seal of Meru the 'Answerer of Horus [the King]'

    Like many cylinder seals, Middle Kingdom stamp seals such as this one belonged to high-ranking government officials and had the name and tit...

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    Philae (View from the northeast of the south end of the West Colonnade and the Porch of Nectanebo at the Temple of Isis)Temple of Dendera (View from northeast of the façade of temple)Aswan (View of the Nile from the East Bank)Philae (View of the East Bank of the Nile, northwest)Philae (Close-up view from the south of the Second Pylon Entrance at the Temple of Isis)Pyramids at Giza (View from northeast of the pyramids of Chephren and Cheops)Queen at Temple of Abu Simbel (View of detail of throne and queen below the seated Colossus of Ramsses II at the north side of the entrance to the South Temple)Hypostyle Hall in Temple of Karnak (View of the Hypostyle Hall)Temple at Gerf Husein (View of the northeast showing the forecourt of the temple)Philae (View from the southeast of the West Colonnade at the Temple of Isis)Pyramid at Saqqara (View from southeast of the Step Pyramid)Tomb of Nakht at Thebes (View of painted wall and ceiling from tomb)Ramesseum, Thebes (View of the southeast of the Second Court)Kiosk at Qertasi (View from the south of the kiosk)Ramessem Vue GeneraleTombs at Beni Hasan (View of the façade of the tombs of Khnum-hotep [no. 3] and Beni Hasan [no. 4])Obelisque et Pylone de RamsesInterieur du Tombeau Nakht
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