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On View: "Metamorphic Library Chair", from "Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions Etc.." Plate 29 (volume I, July 1811)

Morgan & Sanders’s metamorphic library chair established the basic mechanical design for this form. Their chair was rendered in th...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Goddess Seshat

    Seshat, whose name means "female scribe," was the goddess of writing and record keeping. The Egyptians believed she had responsibility for r...

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    Handle of Model Ax Inscribed for Amunhotep IIISignet Ring Bearing the Name of Amunhotep IIWhip Handle Inscribed with Cartouche of Amunhotep IVModel Grinder Inscribed for Amunhotep IIToilet Dish in Form of Cartouche Containing FishSignet Ring Bearing Cartouche of TutankhamunPlaque Inscribed for Amunhotep IIFragment of UshabtiPlaque with Name of Amunhotep IIIFragment of UshabtiSmall Toilet DishInscribed Plaque with the Cartouche of Amunhotep IIIBead of Elongated Oval FormSignet Ring Bearing the Name Ramses IIQueen at Temple of Abu Simbel (View of detail of throne and queen below the seated Colossus of Ramsses II at the north side of the entrance to the South Temple)Sculpture Fragment of Amenophis IVSculpture of Amenophis IVSculpture Fragment of Amenophis IV
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