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On View: Relief of Winged Man-Headed Figure Facing Right with Basket and Fircone

In Assyrian art the basket and cone almost always appear in the hands of supernatural creatures rather than humans, suggesting that these ob...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Torso of Ziharpto

    Wab-priests of Sakhmet were one of several types of priest-physicians and veterinarians whose treatments were partly magical in nature. The ...

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    Socketed Tube CouplerEmblem of the Leopard Spirit Society (Nkpa)LionThe Goddess Mafdet (?)Standing Screen (Tsuitate) of a TigerTigerSarcophagus and Cat MummyBust of the Goddess SakhmetFragment of Colored HieroglyphsThe Dinner HornFragment of a Head of a Colossal LionCat MummyLion-Shaped Furniture LegSmall Figurine of the Goddess BastStatuette of Re as a Standing TomcatFigure of a CatBracteateLion Reclining (Lion au repos)
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