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On View: Female Figurine

Female figurines in terracotta and stone have been excavated from Neolithic Period Nubian graves at sites such as El Kadada, suggesting they...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Stela of User-pekhty-nisu and his wife, Pa-netjer

    The deceased and his wife sit at an offering table while their son stands making offerings. Unusually, their daughter sits behind the son. T...

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    Eye AmuletMarriage DocumentInlay in the Form of a Recumbent Falcon-Headed LionSculptors Model of Head of a Lion RoaringBowl with Floral Decoration
Funerary Finger Ring with Amazon ScarabInlay in the Form of a Boat with Mummy Resting on the WaterBaboon StandingInlay in the Form of a Flower PlantInlay in Form of Recumbent CowInlay in Form of a ScarabSmall FigureInlay of a the Goddess ThuerisPart of a HeaddressInlay of a Mourning Woman, Probably NephthysInlay in the Form of Nephthys KneelingInlay in the Form of a Figure of the God Shu StandingInlay in Form of Standing Tawasret
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