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On View: John I. H. Baur

As head of the Brooklyn Museum’s Department of Painting and Sculpture from 1936 to 1952, Jack Baur oversaw a period of unparalleled gr...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Still Life, Gladiolas

    Chaim Soutine’s passion for painting led him from a Lithuanian Jewish ghetto in modern Belarus to the art academies of Minsk and, ulti...

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    The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (La présentation de Jésus au Temple)Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Martha at Bethany (Jésus à Bethanie, Marie, Madeleine et Marthe)The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes (La multiplicité des pains)The Adoration of the Shepherds (Ladoration des bergers)The First Nail (Le premier clou)All the City Was Gathered at His Door (Toute la ville étant à sa porte)Reconstruction of Jerusalem and the Temple of Herod (Réconstitution de Jérusalem et du temple dHérode)The Prophecy of the Destruction of the Temple (La prédication de la ruine du Temple)Healing of the Lepers at Capernaum (Guérison des lépreux à Capernaum)The Man Who Hoards (Lhomme qui thésaurise)The Kiss of Judas (Le baiser de Judas)The Ointment of the Magdalene (Le parfum de Madeleine)Jesus Ministered to by Angels (Jésus assisté par les anges)The Two Men Possessed with Devils (Les deux démoniaques)The Holy Virgin Kisses the Face of Jesus Before He is Enshrouded on the Anointing Stone (La Sainte Vierge baise la face de Jésus avant quil ne soit enveloppé par les suaires sur la pierre de lonction)The Angel and the Shepherds  (Lange et les bergers)The Pilgrims of Emmaus on the Road (Les pèlerins dEmmaüs en chemin)The Resurrection (La Résurrection)
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