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Collections Information Assistant—Registrar’s Office

(full-time, non-union, temporary position)

Requirements: The successful candidate for this position must have:

  • previous experience with The Museum System, or other collections database;
  • a B.A. in art, art history, or related field;
  • an ability to perform accurate data entry, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent organizational and recordkeeping skills;
  • experience handling media and updating metadata;
  • visual acuity, including an ability to read a variety of handwritten and typewritten documents;
  • an ability to meet deadlines, follow editorial and format guidelines, and focus on detailed work in a fast-paced, open-office environment;
  • excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
  • an ability to work well independently, and with others, on complex research projects and object numbering issues; and
  • knowledge of Microsoft Access and Excel, preferred.

Responsibilities: The Collections Information Assistant is responsible for:

  • daily updates to object and location information in the collections database according to our format guidelines;
  • data clean-up projects to standardize information according to our format guidelines;
  • entry of exhibition checklists and new object information from a variety of sources and documents;
  • media linking and metadata standardization;
  • basic office tasks such as filing, photocopying, emailing, and answering phone calls when related to data entry tasks; and
  • other database-related projects, as assigned.

Reports to: Senior Manager of Collections Records and Review

Work schedule: 35 hours per week, Monday through Friday, through June 30, 2017, with the possibility of renewal.

Start date: Immediate

To apply: Send your cover letter and résumé to No calls please.

Museum Guide Program Fall Intern—Education

(Part-time, temporary, unpaid internship)

Requirements: The successful candidate for this position must:

  • be a junior or senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art history, education, or a related field, or a graduate student in the same fields;
  • have experience working in an art museum or related cultural organization;
  • possess a desire to engage the public in meaningful dialogue about art and culture of the past and present;
  • demonstrate strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work both collaboratively and independently; and
  • have an outgoing personality, approachable demeanor, and a can-do attitude.

Responsibilities: The Museum Guide Program Fall Intern will work closely with the Museum Guide Coordinator to present talks and tours to our visitors, including the general public, adult groups, college groups, and adults with disabilities. The Museum Guide Program Intern will perform the following tasks:

  • Public Tours and Talks
    • support the scheduling of tours and talks through an online program;
    • make assignments for and communicate with the Museum Guides;
    • draft tour-related information for the website and lobby;
    • observe and evaluate tours;
  • Museum Guide Program
    • participate in the training of a new cohort of Museum Guides;
    • attend regular training and facilitate workshops;
  • Collection and Exhibition Research
    • produce resources about the permanent collection and special exhibitions for use by educators and Museum Guides; and
    • compile and share notes on curatorial presentations.       

Reports to: Museum Guide Coordinator   

Start and end dates: September to December 2016      

Work schedule: Flexible, up to 21 hours per week

Compensation: This internship is unpaid. The Intern will be issued a Brooklyn Museum I.D. for the duration of their internship, which will provide a discount in our Shop, BKM Café, and BKM Bowl, as well as free admission to most art museums throughout the country. Academic credit may be possible.

To apply: Send a detailed résumé and cover letter by August 10, 2016, to and include “Fall Intern Application” in the subject line.

Museum Technician/Digital Collections Assistant

(Full-time, permanent, union position)

The Museum Technician/Digital Collections Assistant supports the work of the Digital Collections and Services department staff: Photo Studio, Rights and Reproductions, Scan Lab, licensing, and digital asset management.

Requirements: The successful candidate for the Museum Technician/Digital Collections Assistant position should:

  • have a bachelor's degree or relevant experience, with formal training in color perception;
  • be experienced in the use and maintenance of photographic equipment (DSLR, medium/large format, studio lighting) and highend color printers;
  • be proficient in PhotoShop and Mac OS as well as standard office software, with the ability and willingness to learn new skills;
  • be organized and careful, with the ability to take instruction well;
  • have good interpersonal skills; and
  • be able to balance multiple projects and responsiblities.


Under the supervision of the Museum Photographer and Manager of Publication Imaging:

  • maintain photographic and studio equipment and coordinate outside service vendors;
  • create high-quality photographic match prints using an archival printer;
  • create and color match publication-quality scans using flatbed and drum scanners;
  • maintain the studio and manage studio inventory (ink, paper, seamless and set supplies);
  • assist photographers as needed;
  • load images and metadata into digital asset management system; and
  • assist with management of photo and scan queues.

Under the supervision of the Rights and Reproductions Manager:

  • undertake clerical and project tasks associated with licensing Museum images for external use;
  • work on special projects as needed; and
  • assist with departmental administrative tasks.

Reports to: Head of Digital Collections and Services

Start date: Immediate

Work schedule: Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm

Salary: $33,370

To apply: Please send your résumé and a cover letter to

Lead Developer—Technology

(Full-time, permanent, non-union position)

The Technology department at the Brooklyn Museum seeks a web developer to join our team and help manage our web presence. You’ll be working on a variety of web and mobile projects related to art, community engagement, visitor experience, and open access.

As a small team, we work across disciplines and support each other. Accordingly, qualified candidates must possess a broad range of skills for navigating the full stack of web and web­for­mobile development, SQL to CSS. We have adopted a number of Agile practices in our development process in order to adapt to the quickly evolving nature of our projects, and we’re looking for someone who thrives using this methodology.

Responsibilities: The Lead Developer must:

  • work collaboratively with other project stakeholders;
  • manage multiple responsibilities independently, while adhering to established departmental standards, both in back­end and front­end architecture;
  • set the tone for doing development work and managing software projects and cloud infrastructure in an elegant and sustainable way; and
  • provide guidance, mentoring, and leadership to other developers on the team.

Requirements: Here’s what we’re after:

  • experience leading software development teams;
  • strong adherence to Agile development practices;
  • strong command of writing unit and integration tests;
  • strong adherence to upholding code quality and following best practices in coding standards;
  • experience managing continuous deployment workflows;
  • strong command of object­-oriented PHP;
  • strong command of HTML and CSS, as well as a commitment to web standards and making accessible and usable websites;
  • experience managing relational databases, e.g., MySQL, MSSQL;
  • experience managing APIs;
  • strong command of relational database design and writing SQL queries;
  • experience with JavaScript and relevant frameworks, e.g., jQuery, AngularJS;
  • strong command of Linux web server administration and deployment, e.g., Apache, Nginx, Bash scripting, etc.;
  • strong command of version control, e.g., git, svn; and
  • strong command of managing cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

Additionally, we’re keeping an eye out for exceptional candidates who may have experience with:

  • building and maintaining content management tools;
  • e­commerce and PCI compliance;
  • working on mobile platforms, e.g., iOS, Android, and web­for­mobile frameworks, such as Cordova or Sencha;
  • other dynamic programming languages, e.g., Ruby, Objective­C; and
  • experience with UX design and information architecture.

We might lack fancy furniture and ping-pong tables, but our offices are located in a nineteenth-century neoclassical monument and share a space with priceless art, so we're okay with that. This is a fast-paced but fun environment that we balance by keeping a commitment to a 35-hour work week. This position does not include telecommuting or relocation; qualified candidates must be able to commute daily to the Brooklyn Museum. No recruiters, please.

To apply: Send your résumé, cover letter, and salary requirements to Include your cover letter in the body of the email and attach your résumé.

Curator of Public Programs

(Full-time, permanent, non-union position)

The Curator of Public Programs (CPP) is a new curatorial role in the Brooklyn Museum. The position is designed to build creativity throughout the Museum and will focus on organizing public programs, including scholarly and critical symposia, panels, and talks as well as culturally relevant, community-based activities. The CPP will help invigorate the Museum with new ideas, lead specific strategic initiatives, expand networks into newly targeted communities, attract new partnerships, and advance institutional thought leadership, both nationally and globally. The position will support and partner with the Museum Director to chart the artistic and strategic direction of our institution, including, but not limited to, public programs and new strategies.

Requirements: The CPP is a combination of a creative visionary and a big picture thinker/doer who can conceive trailblazing ideas, pursue them with a vengeance, and deliver on the concepts. She or he is opportunity-driven, actively engages with multiple creative communities, and will serve as an “evangelist” for the Museum and its mission. The position will help get our community of Trustees, donors and stakeholders, staff, and visitors excited about the Museum’s work. The CPP will be a strong leader who will energize his/her team around a shared vision, and will be an active champion and representative of the Museum’s mission, upholding our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

The ideal candidate for this position must have the following:

  • an M.A., or equivalent, in a field of cultural studies;
  • curatorial experience at a major museum or similar institution;
  • excellent management, research, writing, organizational, and communication skills;
  • thorough familiarity with best practices for museum administration, strategic planning, and the intersections of technology and design;
  • the ability to work collaboratively across disciplines;
  • demonstrated experience in public programming and convening; and
  • knowledge of how to work effectively with a variety of cultures.

Responsibilities: A successful CPP will:

  • set and help achieve ambitious goals for projects and fellow team members;  
  • initiate new programs that advance the Museum’s thought leadership;
  • inspire big-picture thinking and creativity in the staff;
  • share research and engage the team in robust critical thinking;
  • develop innovative strategies that advance the Museum’s stature and reach;
  • create widespread enthusiasm for, and attract new audiences and stakeholders to, the Museum; and
  • inspire and guide collaboration across existing departments.

The CPP will work with the Deputy Director and Chief Curator (DDCC) and the Museum Director on public programs and strategic initiatives. Together, they will take on the big issues of our day, advance thought leadership, bring new stakeholders into the family, generate increased audiences and press, and enhance the visibility of the Museum regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The CPP will be responsible for:

  • building bridges to new creative communities, including those in architecture, design, technology, film, literature, politics, environmentalism, human rights, and more; and
  • attracting strategic partnerships with universities, policymakers, and major NGOs, as well as global conferences, corporations, small businesses, publishers, technology platforms, design studios, biennials, fairs, and more.

The CPP will work with the Museum Director, DDCC, and other Deputies to generate new strategies that invigorate our Museum and expand our reach, professionalism, and artistic excellence. Some long-term strategic responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology: The CPP will expand our online presence with a robust, content-rich website and a sustained public voice through a variety of social media platforms. The position will work closely with Museum interdepartmental staff responsible for our website, social media, apps, and other content platforms to coordinate such research and to collectively articulate a plan for how the Museum will enhance and extend its digital activities to reach a broader audience. The goal is to augment our content sharing, and, perhaps most importantly, to create platforms for rich public exchange.
  • New Initiatives: The Director and DDCC will rely on the CPP to expand on a diverse and exciting array of new initiatives designed to enhance thought leadership and increase audiences, partnerships, funding support, visibility, and more.

Some immediate strategic goals include:

  • strategizing, with the support of the Director and DDCC, a new public programs initiative that advances thought leadership and builds audiences, opportunities, and reach via timely talks, conferences, and more; and  
  • assessing strengths and weaknesses of our online presence, and implementing and overseeing changes to it.

The CPP is expected to actively work with the Director, Deputy Director for Development, and DDCC to imagine, solicit, and maintain relationships with key corporate partners and individual donors to support our programs.  

Reports to: Deputy Director and Chief Curator

Start date: Immediate

To apply: Send a cover letter and your résumé to

Graphic Design Intern—Design

(Part-time, temporary, unpaid internship)

The Brooklyn Museum is looking for a creative, enthusiastic, and hard-working design Intern to join our Graphic Design team. The Intern will assist in the planning and execution of both digital and print marketing materials for our Museum. It's a great opportunity to understand the working process and day-to-day responsibilities of a cultural institution's in-house design team through hands-on learning and execution. The Intern will work under the guidance of the Head of Graphic Design to ensure quality and visual cohesion in accordance with our brand.

Requirements: The ideal candidate is:

  • a graphic design and/or visual communications major;
  • skilled in design and typography;
  • proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.);
  • equipped with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS;
  • detail-oriented with strong organizational skills;
  • able to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment;
  • an exemplar of strong work ethics and high performance standards;
  • an outside-the-box thinker; and
  • passionate about the arts.

Responsibilities: The Graphic Design Intern will be responsible for the following:

  • creating and assisting in ongoing design projects;
  • producing signage; and
  • performing case studies.

Reports to: Head of Graphic Design

Start date: Fall 2016

Work schedule: Flexible, 20 hours a week

To apply: Please send your application to

Teacher Services Summer Intern—Education

(Part-time, temporary, unpaid internship)

The Brooklyn Museum seeks a part-time Intern to work with museum educators to assist in all areas related to our Teacher Services Programs including our Summer Teacher Institute, ArtXchange, and Teacher Resource Packets.

Requirements: The ideal candidate must possess the following:

  • a B.A. or B.F.A. (or be a rising senior);
  • knowledge of and/or experience working in the arts and/or education;
  • self-motivated personality with strong oral and written communication skills;
  • ability to manage numerous tasks efficiently;
  • proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel; and
  • an interest in the arts and museums. 

Responsibilities: The Teacher Services Summer Intern will assist the Teacher Services Coordinator in the following:

  • organizing, entering, and analyzing teacher evaluations from past Summer Teacher Institutes;
  • reviewing, updating, and preparing materials for the upcoming Summer Teacher Institute;
  • giving continuity to the strategic plan for strengthening our Teacher Resource Packets; and
  • assisting with other administrative tasks related to our Teacher Services Programs including ArtXchange.

Reports to: Teacher Services Coordinator

Start and end dates: Monday, June 6, 2016, to Friday, August 7, 2016

Work schedule: The weekly schedule is flexible but should equal a total of 20 hours during 4 days a week, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Compensation: This internship is unpaid. The Intern will be issued a Brooklyn Museum I.D. for the duration of their internship, which will provide a discount in our Shop, BKM Café, and BKM Bowl, as well as free admission to most art museums throughout the country. Academic credit may be possible.

Application deadline: April 8, 2016, with notification by mid-May 2016

To apply: Send your résumé and cover letter to Please include the title of the internship in the subject line of the email.

Assistant Graphic Designer—Design

(Full-time, permanent, non-union position)

Requirements: The Brooklyn Museum is seeking an exceptionally talented Assistant Graphic Designer to design exhibition graphics. Our ideal candidate will have a clean, visual style that can interface with our own graphic identity.

She or he must possess:

  • a degree in graphic arts, exhibition design, architecture, or a related area, preferred;
  • fluency with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Photoshop) in an Apple environment (knowledge of Vectorworks and Google SketchUp useful); 
  • 2–4 years of experience designing graphics for another museum or arts organization, with a portfolio of produced work;
  • demonstrated dynamic use of typography, color, shapes, and imagery in both 2-D and 3-D, that creates a balance between print and open space;
  • superior skills at color matching and mixing across media (print, paint, and on-screen);
  • knowledge of editorial marks and correction language;
  • familiarity with numerous production methods including ink-jet and laser printing, silk-screening, vinyl graphic applications, transfer type, banners, duratrans, and engraving, as well as 4-color print production;
  • expertise in hands-on production such as hand-producing labels, stanchion signs, and other in-house printed materials, and using adhesives (for mounting) and trimming tools;
  • high attention to overall production of materials (fine detail, neatness, leveling, and final installation appearance);
  • a collaborative spirit with a broad range of departmental staff, including Design, Editorial, Interpretive Materials, Curatorial, Education, Technology, Public Information, and the Digital Lab;
  • ability to juggle multiple projects effectively in a fast-paced environment; and
  • effective written and verbal communication skills.

Responsibilities: The Assistant Graphic Designer is responsible for:

  • conceiving and designing exhibition graphics for 8–12 art exhibitions per year, including entrance titles, illustrated didactic panels, extensive object labels, maps, timelines, brochures, mural prints, and environmental displays;
  • producing designed materials, whether in-house or off-site, which frequently requires self-production (such as paper labels, mock-ups, etc.);
  • meeting all production and installation deadlines;
  • maintaining a balanced project budget; and
  • other duties, as assigned.

Reports to: Chief Designer

Work schedule: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with flexibility, as needed

Compensation: Title and salary commensurate with experience; excellent benefits package

To apply: Send cover letter, résumé, salary history, work samples, and website links to: 

Brooklyn Museum
Department MY
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Mailed applications required.

Development Assistant—Development

(Full-time, permanent, non-union position)

Requirements: The successful candidate must have a B.A. or B.S. and at least a year of professional experience, preferably in fundraising or events at an arts institution or other non-profit. She or he must have knowledge of Microsoft Office and donor databases (Raiser's Edge, preferred). The individual should have strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills; excellent organizational and multitasking skills; and an ability to problem solve under pressure in a fast-paced environment. He or she must demonstrate a professional demeanor and engaging personality. an ability to work productively as part of a team, and a willingness to assist with all tasks needed to ensure the success of projects.

Responsibilities: The Development Assistant will prepare gift acknowledgements and tax receipts; coordinate key donor stewardship and prospect cultivation activities including meetings, visits, events and reports; and maintain records in the donor database (Raiser's Edge). He or she will provide high-quality administrative support in planning and executing the Museum's major fundraising, donor, and exhibition events (approximately 30 annually); answering phones and responding to general inquiries; generating and maintaining R.S.V.P. lists for events; and tracking responses and making follow-up calls. The position will also assist with invitations, solicitation mailings, acknowledgement letters, and e-mail campaigns; ticket sales tracking and event seating arrangements; and other event logistics (both on- and off-site) including the check-in process.

To apply: Please send a cover letter, résumé, and salary requirements via email to

Internships (P/T)—Digital Collections and Services

(Non-union, part-time, unpaid internships)

The Brooklyn Museum seeks interns to work on projects in the Digital Lab. A limited number of positions are available, generally on a semester schedule. Preference will be given to students registered in credit-granting programs. Due to collaborative projects with university programs, only selected projects may be open to other applicants during a particular semester.

Digitization Interns assist with the digitization of the b/w negative collection, including scanning and editing negatives, matching images to objects in the collections management system (TMS), creating metadata, and loading images and data into the digital asset management system (Luna). Qualifications: Applicant must have computer skills, familiarity with scanning and PhotoShop, visual acuity, and attention to detail.

Copyright Interns research contact information for artists, generate letters and licenses, track progress in an Access database, and update rights information in TMS. For additional information about this project, please visit Qualifications: Candidate must have research skills, experience with MS Office suite (particularly Access and mail merge), verbal skills, and attention to detail.

Documentary Photography Interns photograph Museum events and activities, following up on assignments from staff and pursuing independent shoots in the galleries, and edit and manage images, which are then made available to the Museum's Design Department for promotional purposes and are preserved as part of the Museum Archives. Qualifications: Applicant must have excellent PhotoShop skills, DSLR camera training, a portfolio demonstrating aptitude for documentary photography, visual acuity, and attention to detail.

Object Inventory Photography Interns work with curators undertaking storeroom surveys, including creating images of works of art in the collection using a simple set and lighting, and managing the resulting image files. The opportunity to create metadata and load images into the Luna DAMS may be included. This internship is dependent on curatorial need and may not be available every semester. Qualifications: Internship requires excellent PhotoShop skills, DLSR camera training, a portfolio demonstrating aptitude for still life photography, visual acuity, and attention to detail.

Time Frame: Ongoing

Work Schedule: Part-time, Monday–Friday, with schedule to be determined

Compensation: These are unpaid internships. Interns will have Museum volunteer status.

To apply: Please send a cover letter and résumé to An online portfolio is required for photography internships. Applications are reviewed in August (for fall semester), December (for winter/spring semester), and May (for summer semester).

Gallery/Studio Program Summer Intern—Education

(Part-time, temporary, non-union, unpaid internship position)

The Brooklyn Museum Education division seeks two part-time Gallery/Studio Program Summer Interns. In the program, which offers studio art courses for ages six to adult, students create works of art inspired by guided explorations in our galleries. Courses are offered in drawing, painting, photography, animation, sculpture, and mixed media.

Requirements: Successful candidates for this position must possess the following:

  • a B.A. or B.F.A. (or be a rising junior or senior) in studio art, art history, museum education, art education, a related field, or substantially equivalent experience;
  • experience working with art materials and children;
  • strong written and oral communication skills;
  • proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel (including an ability to generate charts and graphs); and
  • a cheerful, friendly, outgoing disposition.

Proficiency with digital technology, 3-D printing, or digital photography is a plus.

Responsibilities: The Gallery/Studio Program Summer Interns are expected to perform the following duties:

  • facilitating the summer semester, including being the face of the program for participating families;
  • maintaining supplies and studios;
  • attending the semester’s planning meetings with the Teaching Artist staff;
  • occasionally acting as a teacher's assistant;
  • being a liaison between the Gallery/Studio Program Instructors and others at the Museum;
  • implementing program evaluation and compiling feedback from past semester evaluations; and
  • helping the Gallery/Studio Program Coordinator to prepare and install an exhibition of student work from the summer at the end of the semester.  

Reports to: Gallery/Studio Program Coordinator

Start and end dates: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, to Thursday, August 18, 2016

Work schedule: Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Thursdays, one Intern works from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. while the second Intern works from 12:30 to 8 p.m. Both Interns must attend two evening meetings with teaching staff.

Compensation: This internship is unpaid. Interns will be issued a Brooklyn Museum I.D. for the duration of their internship, which will provide a discount in our Shop, BKM Café, and BKM Bowl, as well as free admission to most art museums throughout the country. Academic credit may be possible.

To apply: Send your résumé and cover letter to Please include the title of the position in the subject line of the email. Application deadline is April 1, 2016, with notification by mid-May 2016.

Corporate Sponsorship and Institutional Giving Intern (P/T)—Development

(Non-union, unpaid internship position)

Requirements: The successful candidate for this position must be actively enrolled in or have recently graduated from an educational program in arts administration, museum studies, art history, nonprofit management, or other applicable courses of study. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of Raiser's Edge fundraising software, although training will be provided; demonstrate an interest in art history, art administration, or museum development; possess excellent communication skills; and be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Responsibilities: The Intern will learn firsthand how a professional fundraising team at a major art institution functions. The position will work directly with the Senior Manager of Corporate Relations, the Senior Institutional Officer, and Development Associates on fundraising geared towards corporate, foundation, and government agencies. Specific responsibilities include learning the steps in donor engagement and stewardship; completing training and developing competency with Raiser's Edge to assist with donor tracking; researching prospective donors after learning how to use various prospect research tools and databases, including the Foundation Directory Online; learning the basics of completing grant applications and proposals; coordinating stewardship mailings; and drafting donor communication. The ability to assist with special events taking place after hours is preferred.

Reports to: Institutional Giving Officer

Starting and ending dates: September to December 2016

Work schedule: Approximately 20 to 30 hours per week

Compensation: This part-time internship is unpaid. Intern will be issued a Brooklyn Museum I.D. for the duration of the internship, which includes a discount in the Museum Shop, BKM Bowl, and BKM Café, as well as free admission to most art museums throughout the United States. Academic credit may be possible.

To apply: Please send your résumé and cover letter to

Special Events Intern—Development

(Non-union, unpaid internship position)

The Brooklyn Museum hosts more than 75 annual special events, in a range of scopes and sizes, and is building a team of interns to provide event support through the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Events take place both at the Museum and offsite, and include exhibition openings, Member previews, fundraising galas, exclusive receptions and dinners, intimate cocktail parties, and more. This position is a great opportunity for those wishing to learn about special events or development in a cultural setting, and there is room for growth in the role.

Requirements: Ideal candidates for the Special Events Intern are:

  • 21 or over and undergraduate or graduate students, or recent graduates;
  • able to work weekday evenings from 5 to 10 pm, with preference for Wednesdays and Thursdays; at least one in-office work day from 10 am to 5 pm; and occasional weekends;
  • comfortable interacting with high-net-worth individuals and senior Museum leadership, while displaying professionalism and discretion;
  • able to stand for long periods of time and move quickly throughout the Museum;
  • proficient in Microsoft Office, comfortable using iPads, and interested in learning fundraising software; and
  • knowledgeable about the New York City subway system.

Responsibilities: Interns will work closely with the Individual Giving and Special Events team to learn all elements of producing special events, including:

  • coordinating check-in materials, and updating and preparing RSVP lists;
  • checking in guests, fielding donor inquiries, and providing directional services during events;
  • supporting event production by working with Brooklyn Museum A/V and facilities staff, caterers, florists, and other vendors, as needed;
  • assisting post-event breakdown;
  • coordinating event details with other Museum departments;
  • providing in-office support to the Development department one day a week, as needed; and
  • working special hours in support of the Museum’s Brooklyn Artists Ball in April.

Reports to: Manager, Individual Giving and Special Events

Start and end dates: September 2016 to June 2017

To apply: Please send a cover letter and résumé to