Painting has Begun


Now that the repairs to the metal skin are complete, the team from UHP Projects. Inc. (Ultra High Pressure Projects) is back and have started to paint the statue. Discussions between the team at UHP Projects, Inc. and the conservator Mark Rabinowitz at Conservation Solutions, Inc. plan out the methods to be used in re-painting the sculpture. To prolong the life of this paint system, the surface of the metal needs to prepared to achieve a good, and strong bond with the paint. A very clean metal surface is needed, and to achieve this both the interior and the exterior were rinsed with a dilute phosphoric acid solution. Painting will be done both inside and outside, and consist of a white acrylic based primer, followed by a green acrylic enamel topcoat. The paint is manufactured to be used in outdoor applications. Normal household paint rollers are initially being used to apply the primer because the wind is fairly strong today in Brooklyn and it may be difficult to control a spray application of paint. These are just some of the conditions that conservators need to cope with in an outdoor environment. The painting should continue for the next few days, please stop by the museum and have a first hand look if you are able.