More Recording (this time with a little make-up)


Linda Nochlin and Maura Reilly, co-curators of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art’s inaugural exhibition, recorded the introduction to the Global Feminisms audio tour today. This tour, free to our visitors and delivered via cell phone, will feature many of the artists in the exhibition responding to their relationship to feminism.


Cell phone audio has helped us in many ways. One of the nice things about the new production method is that tour stops can be recorded via phone, similar to leaving a standard voice mail message. Since the show consists of work by approximately eighty women artists from around the world, we found this aspect incredibly helpful in producing our tour. We could send questions to many of the artists and ask them to record their answers via phone. We didn’t have to worry about arranging for a studio offsite or asking them to make a special trip to do a recording.

If we can arrange to do the recording onsite, the quality is often more predictable, so we try and take advantage of this when we can. For this session, Maura and Linda also took the opportunity to try out a new shade of MAC Cosmetics lipstick, Plumful.