Explore the Feminist Art Base!

Our new Feminist Art Base currently has over 125 profiles and it is growing daily! We’re super jazzed because as far as we know, there is NO other digital archive dedicated to feminist art out there on the web! It’s a great source for other artists, curators, teachers or just art lovers! And depending on the artist and her/his preferred medium, each profile contains images, video and audio clips–so it’s really fun searching and exploring the database, which we lovingly refer to in-house as the F.A.B.

You can also learn all about each artist’s career by reading her/his bio and CV. And, most importantly, in the artist’s own words, how s/he or her/his work relates to feminism and/or feminist art in the mandatory requirement for each profile, the Feminist Artist Statement.


The Feminist Art Base features feminist pioneers such as Hannah Wilke, Carolee Schneeman, Faith Ringgold; international artists such as Tsuneko Taniuchi (b. Japan; lives in France) and Sutapa Biswas (b. India; lives in England); and a newer generation of feminist artists such as Ximena Zomosa and Aïda Ruilova.

See work from various points in a feminist career such as in Betye Saar‘s, Joan Snyder‘s, or Harmony Hammond‘s profile; or discover someone who is new to the scene like Yun Bai or Swoon. There are also some really rare finds like impossible to locate videos by Mako Idemitsu or Joan Jonas. Where else can you see those for free?


Bottom line, feminist art rocks! And the Feminist Art Base is an ever-growing archive that demonstrates that.

Spread the word! And stay tuned!

(Images Top to Bottom: Hannah Wilke, Rosebud, 1976; Betye Saar, The Liberation of Aunt Jemima, 1972. Joan Jonas; Lines in the Sand, 2002.)