Pharaohs, Queens, & Goddesses Extended!


The exhibition in the Herstory Gallery, Pharaohs, Queens, & Goddesses, has been extended to January 20, 2008. The show, dedicated to powerful female pharaohs, queens and goddesses from Egyptian history, was inspired by The Brooklyn Museum’s extraordinary Egyptian collection, and includes figures represented in Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party such as, Hatshepsut, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Tiye, Isis, Tefnut, Hathor, and Neith. This exhibition is co-curated by Maura Reilly, the Center’s curator, and Edward Bleiberg, Curator of Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art for the Museum. Further objects pertaining to the show can also be found in the long-term exhibition Egypt Reborn.

(Image: Amulet in Form of Hathor Head Inscribed for Hatshepsut. Egypt. New Kingdom. Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Museum Collection, 61.192.)