Alert! Wage Discrimination Ruling

We are a bit late reporting on this bit of news, but feel it is an important Alert! nonetheless. In the recent Ledbetter v. Goodyear case, the Supreme Court ruled–by a one vote margin–that an employee must file a wage discrimination complaint within 180 days of the act of discriminatory pay. This decision greatly effects women, who are all too often the victims of such discrimination (currently only earning 77 cents to every dollar earned by a man) and who, like Lilly Ledbetter in this case, perhaps do not want to rock the boat in a new job. Does it not take time to determine if you are being discriminated against? To learn more about this case, here are some links: National Women’s Law Center; National Organization for Women; PBS; Ms. Magazine; and Women’s E-News.

On a related note, ABC news did a report back in April on the Wage Gap and I was interested in the empowerment message in the article–ask for what you are worth! Certainly its not that simple, but have a read!