A Goddess Visits the Center!


Maura Reilly and Roseanne Barr, June 25, 2007. Photo © Adam Husted

Dear Feminists,

I’m giddy with excitement when I tell you that one of the greatest comic geniuses of all time visited us here yesterday at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. She came–as a self-declared, longstanding feminist–to see the Center and Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. Ms. Chicago–who is an old friend of Roseanne’s–was there to give her a personalized tour of the masterpiece, after which I showed her our inaugural exhibition Global Feminisms. She was delighted with it all! As was no surprise to any of us, she was brilliant, warm, and delightful to be with.

Thank you for the visit, Roseanne. Come again–and bring friends!!!