I Wish I Had Wheels

Like most New Yorkers I was stuck in/on the subway for nearly three hours yesterday! Being from California, I’ve missed having a car, but I’ve never wished for wheels and an open road like I did yesterday. Speaking of wheels, our Museum loading dock was full of them this week. Actually, it was full of tires for an installation by Maxence Denis, a Haitian-born artist in our upcoming exhibition Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art.


An excerpt from our recently released exhibition catalog: In Denis’s video installation “Kawtchou”(Tires), 2006, the pile of tires, which are often burned in protest and used as barricades during social unrest, symbolize revolt. Footage on television monitors inserted into the tires follows two individuals, who reflect the psychological damage and trauma that have been inflicted on the people by Haiti’s instability, poverty and violence.

Our Curatorial Assistant for Exhibitions, Tamara Schechter, was instrumental in securing these tires for Mr. Denis. From Tamara: “We’d like to give a huge shout-out to Bernardo at Anton Junicic Ent. Inc. for his generosity in providing the tires for this piece. Bernardo and his team collected over 70 tires for us at no charge! We are thrilled and fortunate to involve Brooklyn businesses in the exhibition, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their support and enthusiastic participation.”

Infinite Island opens on August 31, 2007.