Facebook Pages

We just spent some time setting up Facebook pages for both the Brooklyn Museum and the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Pages are a new feature that Facebook released on November 6th. Already the page structure is much more flexible, allowing us to do more than the original group structure. You can install applications on pages which means you can offer a much more dynamic environment for your visitors. Because pages are so new, not every app works for this new feature. For the ones that are working, it’s pretty great at saving us tons of time. We are using MyStuff to embed YouTube and Blip.tv playlists. Simply RSS will let you import three feeds, so we’ve got the blogs, events and assorted other things pulling in from existing materials. I’m still waiting for a Flickr app and a del.icio.us app that will work for this new environment, but I’m sure it will be on the way soon.

Incidentally, we’ve made some adjustments to ArtShare so it will work on pages. This is pretty cool, because it means if you add your museum’s collection to ArtShare, then create a page for your institution, you can install ArtShare on that page and have your collection shuffle right there. In addition to this improvement, we’ve also made selecting work a bit easier (there’s a preview function now) and the V&A just added their collection to the app!