More Global Feminisms Press

More international press about the Global Feminisms exhibition from Bulgaria!

Diana Popova, “Boryana Rossa: Bio (art) and Cyber (Feminism),” Kultura Weekly, #33 (2472), October 3, 2007. This is an interview with artist Boryana Rossa, who talks about Global Feminisms, the history of the women’s rights movement in communist countries and the connections of these ideas with contemporary cyber feminism theory. Rossa also describes her participation in The Bioart Initiative at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and her artistic transition from a classical education at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria to contemporary tech and media arts and theory (Published in Bulgarian).

Boryana Rossa, Global Feminisms at the Brooklyn Museum, 39 Grama, Wet, #0036, July 7th, 2007. This article is an extended description of the exhibition, and features information about the works of roughly ten of the artists, and an overall discussion about the intentions of the curators. The author evaluates the importance of the exhibition on an international level and in particular for the countries in Eastern Europe (Published in Bulgarian).