Facebook Pages…continued

Following up on this post, we’ve had some great news on a few applications that are now ready for pages.


If you’ve got a YouTube account and want to port videos, try YouTube Box by Tim Nilson. The great thing here is you can pull in the video description as well as the embed code, so folks never need to leave Facebook in order to play your videos.


If you want to integrate your Flickr photos, My Flickr by Kaleb Fulgham will do the trick. If you’ve been using this application on your personal account, then you know how great it is. Totally flexible in allowing you to port over photos in any number of ways.


Kaleb Fulgham has also developed another application that we really needed, My del.icio.us. This app can port your bookmarks from deli.icio.us – tags and all.


Lastly, if you are in a NYC-based org…check out Subway Status by Plastic Past. This beauty will let you display your MTA subway lines right on the page. In addition to the train lines, the station can also be displayed and you can add comments about your stop, so we naturally added the information about our Arts for Transit collaboration.

All of these applications have really helped make for a full featured page.  By the way, Facebook pages are fully open to the public and indexable by search engines, so there’s no need for people to have Facebook accounts in order to see the content.