Painter Marie Roberts Riffs on Egyptian Sculpture

From Winter to Summer 2008, the Museum’s longterm installation in the 3rd floor Beaux Arts court ambulatory, About Time: 700 Years of European Painting will be taken off view. The reason is that the glass block floor of the court will be renovated for the first time since Museum’s construction in the late 19th century. During this renovation period, at least 2 or the 4 ambulatory hallways surrounding the glass black floor will be closed on an as needed basis. Temporary barrier walls will be built to separate the floor renovation from public areas, and special signage is being created to guide visitors during this time.

mar_pic097.jpg mar_pic102.jpg

This special signage is being hand-painted by Brooklyn artist Marie Roberts, who you may know from her work at Coney Island or one of her projects.


Over the past month, Marie has studied and sketched sculptures in the Museum’s adjacent exhibition, Egypt Reborn. From these drawings, Marie will vividly paint mural signs that when installed, will activate the ambulatory spaces and lead visitors to see the Museum’s internationally renowned collection of ancient and middle-eastern art.