Condos and Trolley Cars and Sugar Refinaries, Oh My!

As promised, this week we’re writing about the subject matter of the submitted images. If you evaluated all 389 or even a large part of the pool, you know exactly where we are headed with this and may be saying “Ugh, no more!” The image below is from our upcoming advanced search where we’ve tagged images according to location and basic subject matter. In the search, you’ll be able to take any of these tags and run a comparison to see which images from Coney Island or Red Hook happened to fare the best among the evaluators. It should be pretty cool, but for our purposes today, this will give you an overview of what was submitted.


Keep in mind this was a blind open call where photographers couldn’t see what others had submitted. I find it fascinating that some subjects seemed to ring true among many photographers. For instance, 43 images of Red Hook alone with 5 shots of the trolley cars behind the Fairway, 4 shots of the Ikea under construction (opening this week), 11 shots of the Revere Sugar Refinery (torn down to make way for Ikea’s overflow parking). I realize that many evaluators found it tedious to see these same images pop up over and over again, but you have to wonder—what is it among these particular images or ideas that make them touchstones for the “changing face of Brooklyn?” It’s definitely something to think about when you can explore search results in detail and it will be even more interesting to see if the evaluators felt the same was true when selecting images.

Still interested? Check out this analysis from Page 291, this comment from Trish caught my eye and, as always, we’d love to see your own thoughts and impressions in the comments area.

Now I’d like to introduce our first guest blogger for Click!, Jerry Krase. Jerry is a visual sociologist and professor over at Brooklyn College and who better to ask what he saw in the 389 submissions? For those of you who don’t know, Jerry runs a bus tour through Brooklyn every year for incoming faculty at Brooklyn College. Rumor has it, this is an awesome tour looking at the communities and cultures throughout Brooklyn which enables new faculty to get to know the incoming student body and surrounding area. I’ve known people who couldn’t stop talking about the tour after taking it and with that, check out Jerry’s post up next.