Click! is not a contest…

…it is a study in crowds. It should come as no surprise that this title made it into one of my blog posts (there are many colleagues of mine chuckling about this right about now). That said, we are releasing the Click! website today and you’ll find it is designed much like the gallery. Images are displayed by size relative to each other given the query you are looking at—lists and scores (not something we equate with subjective subjects) are avoided. Some images fared better than others, but it’s all relative depending on what you are looking at and what questions you are asking.

All 389 images are on the website. In addition, the 78 images that will be in the gallery can now be viewed—see “In the Gallery” on the Click! menu. Keep in mind, the sizes on the website are more variable than the sizes in the gallery, so if you see your image in that 78, the sizing in the gallery will be slightly different.

Coming up we’ve got more guests writing for the blog, including two of our consultants, James Surowiecki and Derek Powazek. Our own Chief Curator, Kevin Stayton, will be posting in the coming weeks and we may have a few more surprises along the way. For now, check out the website. The results button on the right side of the page will take you there. Bear with us if you find it slow, we are expecting a bit of traffic today. Need a little introduction? Check out the lo-fi screencast. Click! will be on view beginning this Friday (June 27) and we are making good progress installing the show (see below)!

And now, one quick note of thanks about this website. I count myself lucky that I work with an incredibly dedicated and talented team who loved this project as much as I did and made sure Click! was awesome via the web. Mike, Paul, Jen – I can’t say this enough: you are awesome, you rock my world and this site is rockin’ because of your dedication. Jessica, Joe – you make life around here fun, easy, and accurate to boot. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day—thank you.


Lance and Tomoko hanging the show. We are about half way through.